French President Sarkovsky is about to designate Mururoa, the site of more than 180 nuclear tests between 1966 and 1996 as a site of “remembrance and territorial pride”. A Greenpeace report stated “the interior of the atoll is effectively a vast, unregulated high-level radioactive waste dump”.

Videos promote deaf awareness
(Western Morning News 07/02/2003)

More than 200 people witnessed the first showing of two videos made for the Cornwall Deaf Children's Society at the Eden Project last week.

Produced with the aid of a lottery grant, the videos, Listen to Me - College and Social Life and Listen to Me - Working Lives, highlighted the difficulties faced by deaf young adults as they moved through the education system and then into employment. They showed deaf children's difficulty in lectures and conversations with peers and, later, employers.

Eden chief executive Tim Schmit said: "I found the whole experience warm, human and humbling."

The videos featured Tim Grigg from Bodmin, who studied horticulture and now works at the Eden Project.

Tim, severely deaf, has now worked at Eden for four years.
He said: "This has been an awesome project. Working at Eden is brilliant, but I never dreamt that I would feature in a video which shows my work at the project."

Lady Mary Holborrow, honorary president of Cornwall Children's Deaf Society, said: "It's fantastic to see these youngsters being such wonderful opportunities in the county."
The videos were co-produced by Phil Shingler.

South Pacific islands prepare to sue French government for $1billion over nuclear tests

Tests were conducted from mid-1960s and saw government approved detonated of nearly 200 nuclear tests off atolls in French Polynesia

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Moruroa e Tatou President Roland Oldham wrote to French Overseas Minister Marie-Luce Penchard in March 2011 saying ”the nuclear era in French Polynesia is far from being over”. Her reply before leaving Tahiti and refusing to meet him was “I don’t want to hear anymore about a nuclear debt”.