Western Exposure specialises in investigative, historical and educational documentary production both for broadcast and non-broadcast distribution. Subject areas are in general environmental, social and political involving co-production partners with also an emphasis on involving trainees in the production process.

Producer Philip Shingler has established a special relationship with producers in New Zealand, having produced the first documentary co-production between Channel 4 Television, the New Zealand Film Commission and Television New Zealand, "A Nuclear Free Pacific" (1989) with Pacific Stories Partnership & Vanguard Films in Wellington. More details can be found under Productions.


Nuklia Fri Pasifik A Nuclear Free Pacific Video cover - Listen to Me - Working Lives

Phil Shingler has been making documentaries for over forty years. In California the historical documentary 'Prospects' 1979 and also produced for KQED (PBS SF) 'What Happened in Chile' 1976 & 'Nicaragua the Silent War' 1982. On returning to Scotland as a member of Edinburgh Film Workshop he worked in various production roles on 'Site One-Holy Loch', Northern Front 'Leithers' and 'Into Nicaragua' for Channel 4 1983-86. Moving to New Zealand in 1987 he co-produced and edited the first documentary between the NZFC, TVNZ & C4, 'A Nuclear Free Pacific' 1989. He returned to Cornwall in 1990 and taught documentary production in higher education for  over twenty years, establishing his own production company Western Exposure producing and directing a mix of non-broadcast and broadcast documentary.
Distribution & Sales on DVD, Festivals-Cornwall Film Festival, Celtic Media Festival (selected for pitching competition 2017), Sheffield International Documentary Festival, San Francisco Film Festival, various film festivals in Mexico.